Around the late 90’s after dabbling with a paint program called Deluxe Paint using an Amiga computer I upgraded to a PC because I was interested in the ever expanding possibilities that the PC and Windows 95 had to offer. During that time I came across the 3D rendering program Bryce 3D. After trying out the trial version I decide to purchase the full version which came with an impressive 450 page manual describing in every detail all the features of Bryce and how to use the software. Even when I first started using the trial version I was amazed at what you could do with it, and how quick and easy it was to produce great pictures, especially when I started using some of the great free 3d models that were available to import into the program. These included any models using .dxf files, .3ds files (3d studio max) and .lwo files (lightwave) which were readily available.

Eventually I started to create my own 3d models using an old version of Lightwave. I’m not an expert modeler by any stretch of the imagination but I did start producing some basic sci-fi models of spaceships and futuristic buildings etc which enabled me to compose some interesting pictures. I also learned to produce and add custom materials to the models which gave them a more realistic look than I could achieve with the standard Bryce materials. With the materials added I was also able to save the models in the Bryce .obp file format and re-use them complete with materials already applied. Many of these 3d models are now free to download from my website

Being mainly interested in producing sci-fi & fantasy artwork, most of the images you see on this site are sci-fi related. I haven’t produced many new pieces of artwork lately using Bryce because I have been busy with other business related projects, but I will try and keep updating this site with new pieces of Bryce artwork as often as I can, subject to time constraints.  Unfortunately, there are very few tutorials here but you can find some useful Bryce tutorials at my 3D Space Models website at

As for the future, time permitting, I hope to get more involved in producing artwork using Photoshop and Painter using more natural ‘speedpainting’ techniques such as those used by SF artists like Sparth and David Vyle. However, Bryce can still be a powerful tool to use for producing  ideas and for generating elements that can be used in these type of paintings.

For those with an interest in sci-fi & fantasy art, I welcome you to this site and hope you enjoy your visit.

Kind regards
Mike Henderson